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Many patients continue to suffer tooth loss due to dental decay, gum disease, or trauma. More often, they would prefer the conventional methods of tooth restoration by having dentures or bridges. With advances in technology, dental implants are patients’ other option when it comes to teeth replacement. Today, it’s increasingly popular because they prefer a permanent and more stable restoration.

These dental posts or screws are surgically inserted to a patient’s jawbone as an artificial root structure and covered with crowns. These materials are made of ceramic or metal and they fuse with the patient’s natural jawbone, making them a durable restoration. Dentists recommend titanium dental implants when the patient has no allergic reaction to metal. Conversely, zirconia components are recommended to those who are allergic to metal components. Both materials are compatible to fuse with human’s natural bone structure.

Why choose dental implants?

Ability to chew and speak is improved

Dental implants in Toronto, Ontario are fixed into the patient’s jawbone similar to his real teeth. In effect, chewing his food is improved because the force is equally distributed to the restoration and natural teeth. Also, the patient doesn’t have to worry about lisping some words unlike when wearing dentures.

Improved oral health

The procedure of placing dental implants doesn’t require tooth reduction, hence, the remaining natural teeth are preserved. Tooth posts fill the gap left by missing teeth, and crowns are placed over the top to mimic the look of real teeth. Furthermore, this prevents spacing and movement. Therefore, the patient’s oral health is greatly improved, as if he did not lose any teeth at all.

Dental implants provide a natural fit

Titanium dental implants are made to look and function like a patient’s natural dentition. Patients who have dental screws feel more confident when they join social gatherings. They no longer fear that their dentures may come off anytime while talking or eating.

Reliable and long-lasting dental restorations

Patients get more value for their money with tooth posts compared to other conventional types of dental restoration. These durable metal posts offer long-term benefits as they could last a lifetime when patients maintain a high level of dental care.

Reduce bone deterioration

When a patient’s missing tooth is not replaced, he will experience further bone loss over time. Having dental implants as replacement prevents bone deterioration, rather, they preserve the jawbone structure of the patient.

Choose the best restoration to replace your missing teeth. See your dentist today and talk about having zirconia or titanium dental implants.

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