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Checkups are essential so we can stay on top of your dental condition. Cleanings are also necessary if you want to preserve your oral health. We do both services for you routinely as a part of your comprehensive dental care. Our costs are reasonable and fully covered by most dental insurance plans. Even more important, we can give you the care and attention you need to keep your mouth at its healthiest.


We start your checkup by locating and identifying damage from tooth decay, wear and tear, and other types of decay. For the first step of this process, we take x-rays to see where any problems are occurring, even before they become visible. Then, we perform a careful visual examination of your teeth, testing teeth in which the x-rays show possible decay.


During the checkup, we ask a series of questions related to gum health to identify any symptoms of gum disease you are having. We take time to look at your gums so we can detect disease in the earliest stages possible. We also use advanced x-ray technology to see the soft tissues of your gums with high-resolution accuracy. Both your dentist and your dental hygienist are skilled in recognizing the signs of gum disease and gum recession.


After we complete a thorough examination of your teeth, gums and mouth, we explain any problems you might not be aware of before the consultation. We work with you to develop a plan for treating any disease, decay or injury we might find during your checkup. We also discuss cosmetic dentistry services you might be interested to pursue. Then, we set up needed appointments for continuing dental care.


Both tooth decay and gum disease are related to the cleanliness of your mouth. You do your part at home with a daily dental care routine. We do ours by removing the plaque and tartar that can build up in your mouth despite your devotion to your dental health. Your dental hygienist is trained to notice problem areas and report them to your dentist for follow-up. We provide this service to give you better oral health until your next regular visit.


In some cases, the plaque and tartar buildup has progressed to the point that we need to employ special procedures to eliminate it. One of these methods is deep-cleaning we can do with the assistance of a laser. We use this tool and this process to remove the most stubborn plaque deposits an accurate way. Since the laser automatically shuts off when the plaque is gone, your teeth remain strong and capable of lasting far into the future.

We perform scaling and root planing on an as-needed basis. Your dental hygienist may use both of these procedures, removing the tartar deposits by scaling them away and smoothing the surfaces of your teeth by planing them. By the end of the deep cleaning, the plaque and tartar are removed. Your teeth and gums are healthier and better prepared to stay that way until your next dental checkup and cleaning.

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