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Is it a rumor or have you heard of a word of mouth that Snoring Problem Toronto is increasing? Have you ever come across someone who snores? Alternatively, do you have a snoring issue and you wake-up in the middle of the night with some breathing problems?

There are multiple factors which lead to snoring and sleep apnea. We are going to provide you with the best dental solutions for your snoring problem right here in Toronto.


Causes Of Snoring:

The most significant cause of snoring is sleep apnea which results in air gasping. The problem occurs due to the throat muscles which collapse and lead to complete obstruction of the airway. The sleep apnea can cause severe and life-threatening conditions.


How Can You Prevent Snoring By Dental Appliances?

There are two basic types of custom fit devices which include tongue retaining device and mandibular device.
A custom-fit device is prepared which you allows to sleep well. The device is a long-term solution with comfort and durability. It is highly comfortable when compared to the CPAP machines (Continuous positive airway pressure) provided by the doctors.


Purpose Of Custom-Fit Appliances:

Dr. Chan explains the purposes of these dental appliances: it pulls the mandible or lower jaw in forwarding direction allowing the airway to remain open. It alters the position of the tongue and prevents the tongue from going back which may result in airway blockage.


Pros Of Dental Appliance:

It allows you to sleep comfortably without any entangling or sleeping discomfort.


Cons Of Dental Appliance:

The dental device may result in soreness or pain in the teeth, gums or jaw. Severe symptoms include dry mouth and others with excessive salivation.


Which Symptoms Are Reduced By Wearing A Dental Appliance?

  • It helps in the prevention of painful headaches which occur due to the lack of Oxygen. The oxygen deficiency occurs because of sleep apnea.
  • The oxygen maintenance in adequate levels helps you in the treatment of multiple medical problems.
  • It allows you to have a comfortable sleep without any stress.

How Can You Protect Your Health By Treating The Problem Of Snoring Or Sleep Apnea in DownTown Dentistry?

The treatment of snoring problem allows you to reduce the high blood pressure along with the symptoms associated with acid reflux. It reduces the risk of anxiety, dementia, depression, driving accidents. It helps in improvement of reflexes and memory.

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