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In Toronto, the average cost of braces is between $3500 and $8700. It is worth noting that adult braces are costlier than children’s braces. In order to get the best price for your situation, you should obtain numerous quotes from several different orthodontists. The cost of braces can be different based on the geographic location. There are also many other factors which influence the overall cost.

 Variables in the Cost of Braces

The price tag on braces can vary greatly based on several different factors. For instance, a patient who requires severe teeth correction, or one whose malocclusion has a negative effect on chewing and speaking will require more extensive work which will be more expensive. However, a patient with minor issues will need less intervention and their costs of dental corrections are typically substantially lower. Cases which are more severe will necessitate more dental attention and care, raising the price of the treatment and associated procedures. Persons who need less extensive treatment options will be required to pay less for their treatments but may also wear braces for a shorter time.

 What makes braces worth the investment?

Even though braces are expensive, they are worth it in the long run.  They may even save you money over time. Missing teeth, crooked teeth or having an irregular bite can lead to tooth decay, or more teeth missing if they are not treated. Dental costs can add up quickly when there are frequent visits to deal with tooth decay or extractions. Treating with braces can help prevent chronic dental problems which are now known to contribute to other serious health conditions like malnutrition, obesity, heart disease and diabetes. Being able to prevent these diseases are well worth the price tag.

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