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It’s a big decision to choose an orthodontic clinic for your family. These dental professionals hold the key to your family’s smile and oral health for years to come. There are a few steps that can help you find the best orthodontics clinic in Toronto.  

How do I know if I’m choosing an orthodontic specialist?

Most clinics will have a prominently displayed logo, stationary or business cards that states they are certified as orthodontic specialists. You can also call or visit the office and ask their receptionist or the dentist for such verification.  

Does the clinic observe early treatment?

It is advised for children to see an orthodontist specialist as early as seven years old. A general dentist or pediatrician can make the recommendation. Roughly half of all orthodontists do not begin treatment until a patient has their adult teeth. However, some problems are treatable early on while the child is still growing. Crowded teeth, severe mouth breathing, thumb or finger sucking, an overbite and a narrow upper jaw can, and should, be solved early for best results.  

Does the clinic use the latest advanced technology?

A progressive office will be up to date when it comes to using the latest technology. For instance, a paperless office is going to offer better communication and greater patient access so you can access your personal dental information. It’s also important that the orthodontist you choose use advanced options in braces. Newer choices help make treatment faster and easier as well as causing less discomfort than traditional treatment options. The latest treatments produce better outcomes and mean less time spent in the orthodontist clinic.  

Is there a comprehensive fee?

Most orthodontists now offer patients a comprehensive fee covering appointments, x-rays, retainers, photos, appliances and checkups until treatment is completed.

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