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Laser dentistry uses a light energy beam technology that’s so narrow and focused it could treat various dental conditions. Even those that include an extensive and complicated procedure. It became commercially accepted for clinical practice that especially involves soft dental tissues in 1989. This is a great approach for patients who want to avoid pain or discomfort when going through a dental treatment. Furthermore, the laser light produces a reaction when it touches your gum tissues. This breakthrough allows the reshaping and gum contouring for both restorative and cosmetic purposes. Your Toronto dentist uses laser for several treatments and procedures. This includes laser dental cleaning, laser teeth whitening and periodontal or gum disease treatment.


One of the reasons why the use of laser is integrated in most dental practices is because of its multiple benefits. These include the following:


The key defining feature of laser dentistry is that it is non-invasive, less strident and more relaxing to patients. This is due to the lasers being virtually silent as compared to using traditional dental tools. This is an effective method to break the stigma about dental procedures and encourage everyone to see their dentists regularly.


Laser dental cleaning is way more accurate than traditional teeth cleaning techniques. Since the beams could precisely pinpoint any targeted area, it offers high success rate for any dental treatment. Unlike the bulbous instruments, laser light would only touch the tissue or the area where it is needed. Especially during root canal treatment, it’s easy to remove an infection. Moreso, this technology achieves a minimal to zero damage at all.


Patients used to suffer post-procedural risks because of infection brought about by traditional tool wounds. When you go home, you need to observe difficult oral regimen just to ensure that your newly-treated tooth is sanitized. Since laser dentistry also have disinfecting features, it minimizes bleeding and lessens exposure to infection and disease-causing bacteria. teeth whitening by downtown dentistry


As mentioned, laser technology is non-invasive and the patient mostly feels pressure and not pain during the process. Thus, the need for sedation or anesthesia is reduced or removed altogether. The beam light beats most of dentistry’s famous dental equipment including scalpels and scalers.


With laser dental cleaning, the gum tissues heal faster due to the light sterilizing the gum area while being treated. Since the gum is sterile, the tissue regenerates quicker. This makes the recuperating period minimal and you will soon be able to get back to your regular routine.


Avoiding the progression of gum disease from gingivitis is the number one priority of your orthodontist. This is because he wants to save as much gum tissue as possible. Commonly, scaling and root planing is the go-to treatment for these diseases. This treatment uses a scalpel and electrosurgery device that uses high-frequency waveforms or currents. The use of laser allows your dentist to fix your gum disease, eliminate the toxin, and completely remove the bacteria. The laser light sterilizes your gum area, which is why this is the most recommended solution for this dental procedure.

7. SAFE.

Avoiding vibrations and direct contact with your teeth and its roots make laser treatment safer than the traditional dental cleaning. The accuracy of the laser light technology keeps all other dental tissues safe. No over reduction is made, that’s why the surround teeth and gums are safe. Advancement in dentistry has led to using the laser as a great alternative to conventional procedures. Now, there’s no reason for you to hesitate in going through the dental treatment. Visit your local dental clinic to learn more about this technology.

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