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Dental clinics have raised the standard of service delivery with the use of advanced dental technology. They aim to improve their patients’ oral condition using the state-of-the-art clinic equipment. Now, dentists use an advanced technology in giving more accurate and quicker diagnosis and addressing dental problems without delay. Dental treatments that used to take two visits are now done in the same day.

The best dentist in Toronto also made further studies on the use of laser technology in his dental practice. This way, he’s able to use innovative approaches in resolving his patients’ oral problems with the help of technology.

Laser use in advanced dental technology in Toronto

Laser treatment in dentistry started in 1994, and more dentists learned how to use this technology in administering dental procedures. Dentists are able to perform dental procedures with precision and high efficiency as the laser light is set to treat specific areas of focus. Laser treatment replaces the use of traditional dental tools, making the treatment more comfortable for the patients. It’s a very effective method to treat patients who are anxious about going through dental procedures or surgery.

Kavo Key 3 Laser: advanced dental technology tool in Toronto

Kavo Key 3 Laser is one of the advanced dental technology tools that help dentists perform a quicker and low-pain treatment. It has an autopilot system that controls the emission of high beam light, to target only the treatment area. The best dentist in Toronto went on extensive training to be able to use Kavo Key 3 Laser properly in his practice.

Advantages of Kavo Key 3 Laser

  1. It ensures a controlled and precise treatment. The Kavo Key 3 Laser delivers an advanced precision compared to older version of lasers. This new laser technology finely targets the area that needs surgery to ensure accuracy. Moreover, the dentist programs the machine to turn itself off after the desired treatment is done.
  2. It lowers the need for anesthesia. This advanced dental technology laser does its work with significantly lower heat compared to older types of laser. Also, the Kavo Key 3 Laser pulse rate is the fastest when used to drill the tooth. In effect, the patient’s nerves have short time to respond to the treatment, or feel any pain at all. The patient may no longer need anesthesia.
  3. It deeply cleans the teeth and gums. The best dentist in Toronto uses Kavo Key 3 Laser for a deep dental cleaning, without the need of other dental tools. It kills bacteria in seconds including those that hide in deep pockets in between teeth and gums. This laser technology eliminates plaque and tartar and penetrates on tiny pockets to prevent the development of gum disease.
  4. Laser promotes faster healing. Laser immediately kills bacteria surrounding the surgical area which eliminates an infection. Also, the laser seals the gum tissues following a dental surgery to prevent further infection and promote faster recovery.
  5. It replaces traditional dental tools. Trained dentists now use Kavo Key 3 Laser in performing various procedures like endodontic therapy, scaling and root planing. This laser technology encourages more patients to undergo such treatments in a more comfortable way.

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