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Accelerated Orthodontics Cost: Things You Need To Know

All You Need To Know About Accelerated Orthodontics Cost

Accelerated Orthodontics Cost: Things You Need To Know

When patients want speedy change with how their teeth look, they consult their dentists about how much accelerated orthodontics cost. Before, orthodontics correlates to children and teens who grow up with dental problems such as malocclusion. However, due to the advancements made in the dental industry, adults gain access to treatments offered by a dentist near Downtown.

What is accelerated orthodontics

Accelerated orthodontics treat patient’s teeth faster than traditional braces which takes at least three (3) years. Undergoing accelerated orthodontics cost only around eight (8) months of a patient’s time and guarantees results. This treatment repairs teeth gaps, misaligned bites, and teeth repositioning.

A dentist near Downtown adds that this treatment utilizes verified periodontal and orthodontic procedures that yield great results.


One of the main advantages of using this treatment is speed. From the usual minimum period of two years, patients get to fix their teeth in just eight (8) months.

Other advantages include:

  • Corrects misaligned bites
  • Fixes structural problems
  • Absolutely no tooth loss


Accelerated orthodontics cost patients to undergo a minor surgical procedure. A gum specialist operates on the patient a week after the braces are placed inside.

Dentist puts the patient under local anesthesia and modifies the gums that hold the teeth. This makes the teeth move into their designated area faster. The procedure also causes some discomfort similar to a dental cleaning procedure.

A dentist near Downtown recounts that patients normally endure a tingling sensation when they use accelerated orthodontics. Teeth move more quickly with it than with traditional braces.

How much do accelerated orthodontics cost?

The usual cost for accelerated orthodontics begin at $4,000 CAD which seems hefty for some patients. The main factor for the price is that it consists of a combination of treatments. Every cost varies depending on the treatment especially if it requires more help from dentists. Another factor the affects the price, complexity of the procedure.

Accelerated orthodontics provide the same results as traditional braces. Consult with your dentist to start your treatment today.

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