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Propel Vpro5: an Accelerated Orthodontic

PROPEL V Pro 5 Device and AcceleDent

Traditional braces have been one of the most common dental methods used to straighten teeth.  One of the disadvantages to using braces is the length of time necessary for them to achieve the goal of straighter teeth. Even using some of the more modern aligners can be a lengthy process. Over the last few years, there have been some major advancements in orthodontic procedures which work to shorten the time needed to achieve a beautiful smile. Propel Vpro5 or AcceleDent is effective for straightening your teeth and does it in a significantly shorter time frame.

What is Propel Vpro5?

Propel Vpro5 is considered accelerated orthodontics. AcceleDent and Propel Vpro5 uses low and high frequency vibrations to help align your teeth in a faster, more comfortable way. Using the small, orthodontic device with other orthodontic treatments helps your teeth align faster than wearing traditional braces alone.

How does Propel Vpro5 and AcceleDent Work?

The device produces gentle pulses that gently work to speed up the movement of your teeth. The device is light, portable and easy to use and clinical testing has revealed that treatment is accelerated by about 50% for most patients. Dentists recommend patients use the device for about five minutes each day, typically along with their nightly brush at night before bed. The unit is plugged into to a wall charger when it is not in use.

Benefits of the Propel Vpro5 and AcceleDent

There are several benefits to be reaped from using AcceleDent or the Propel Vpro5 device. Some of the personal and health benefits include:

  • Straightening your teeth faster, in a safe, easy and gentle fashion
  • Reduce discomfort associated with braces
  • Can be used at home
  • It is minimally invasive
  • The device stimulates remodeling and regeneration of bone

How to Use the AcceleDent or Vpro5

Your cosmetic dentist will make some recommendations on exactly how to use your device. For the best result, it’s important to use it just like he suggests. The dentist will also likely suggest:

  • Wearing the device for the timeframe recommended by your dentist
  • Don’t sleep while you are wearing the device
  • Don’t charge the Vpro5 when it is charging
  • You have a unique smile – don’t share your device with other people

Where You Can Get an AcceleDent or Propel Vpro5

Your orthodontist may recommend the use of AcceleDent or the Propel Vpro5. When they prescribe its use, they will make their recommendations on how to use the device properly. When you go back for each visit at the orthodontist’s office, you will take your device with you. The orthodontist can plug the device in and easily recall your results. The information taken from the device can be downloaded and entered into the patient’s chart. This makes it easier for you and the dental professional to see the effect AcceleDent is having on your teeth realignment. This allows for better tracking of the patient’s progress as well as accountability since the dentist will be able to see how frequently the device is being used and ensure it is being used correctly.