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Lumineers in Toronto are a brand of veneers, so basically, it is similar to a tooth shell but thinner. You might need a comparison guide if you are already considering this option.

Veneers vs Lumineers in Toronto

Although Lumineers are pretty similar to veneers, these two dental appliances still have distinct features. You may need to learn these as you decide which one to apply to your teeth for achieving your smile goals.

Application process

Both of them require only a simple but lengthy process. Your dentist takes an impression or mould of your teeth during your initial visit. The result is sent to the dental laboratory, where your custom veneer or Lumineer will be fabricated. 

You will have to wait two to four weeks until the laboratory sends the new appliances back to your dentist’s office. Then, you will return to have them applied to your teeth. 

The difference between the two processes is that your teeth’ enamel will be polished for veneers before taking their impression. This is necessary so the tooth shells fit your teeth and do not appear unnatural. 

On the other hand, Lumineers are being known as “no-prep” veneers since it doesn’t need to trim your enamel.


Veneers are thicker than Lumineers. That’s why they are more resistant to stains and don’t break that easily if you accidentally hit your teeth with something or chew harder.

Lumineers may not be as durable, but they are still reliable once you observe proper oral hygiene and avoid biting too hard. 


Veneers offer more excellent concealment for your teeth imperfections. It has a denser coating, unlike Lumineers, which is more translucent. 


Dentists consider veneers as permanent solutions while Lumineers are semipermanent. Veneers are permanently bonded to your teeth and will need routine follow-up checkups to keep their performance. However, dentists may just remove Lumineers after application. 


Veneers are more costly than Lumineers. This is understandable since it offers better function than Lumineers. 

The takeaway

Lumineers are a “no-prep” alternative to veneers but, they don’t offer the same qualities as the latter. You might opt for Lumineers if you have only minor teeth issues and need a quick and temporary cover for them. If you need a more professional detail, your Toronto dentist’s perspective is always the best. Call Downtown Dentistry today!

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