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Did your dentist tell you that you needed a gum graft? Most people panic when they hear those words, but there isn’t any reason to. Gum surgery may sound bad, but there are some very viable treatment options that make it well worth the time and money. Alloderm gum grafting in Toronto is one of the best options for gum grafting which may be needed to protect your teeth from gum recession or to help improve your smile and appearance. What is gum recession? Gum recession occurs when the tissue surrounding the teeth pulls away from the roots and exposes more of the tooth or the root of the tooth. Left untreated, gum recession can cause damage to the bones offering support. It is a very common dental condition and affects between 4 and 12 percent of the adult population. In most cases, it is not noticed until it is already severe. This is because it is a gradual process. But over time, not only can an exposed root detract from one’s appearance, it can also cause tooth sensitivity and make it difficult to eat hot or cold foods. It can also eventually cause tooth loss. Gum tissue grafting may be needed to help prevent further damage and more dental problems. Why use Alloderm for Gum Grafting in Toronto? Alloderm is a modern treatment option for receding gums.  It is a dermal regenerative tissue matrix that helps tissue regenerate quickly. This method provides a tissue graft without having to harvest the material from another area in the mouth. Alloderm gum grafting in Toronto provides the structure and protein to help your mouth grow its own new tissue. The process is achieved by using collagen which provides scaffolding for the cells to grow on. The protein helps recruit more cells into the graft and helps reshape and remodel the gums. How much will it cost? The cost for gum grafting can vary depending on a few factors. It typically ranges from 1300 to 2600 CAD for each tooth. When sedation is needed, this will be an extra cost. Sedative prices can vary depending on the type of sedation used. Intravenous sedation is more expensive than oral sedation. In some instances, gum grafting may be covered by a dental insurance policy which can reduce the out-of-pocket expenses. By conducting a search for a dentist, you can find the best dentist who uses Alloderm gum grafting in Toronto. Prices can vary between dentists and it’s important to find one who is going to give you the best price as well as the best treatment. Is it worth the cost? Alloderm for gum grafting in Toronto is well worth the cost. It is a safer, quicker way to regenerate the gum tissues. You can prevent further damage to your teeth by re-covering the root or the tooth’s surface so it is protected. This will save you from more difficulties later on and can help keep your gums and teeth heathly.

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