Titanium dental implants with crown

Losing your teeth is an unpleasant experience. The pain and discomfort can be overwhelming. For others, it could even lower their self-esteem. What if you could regain your confidence with a treatment that’s known to give great results?

Implants are an excellent choice for tooth replacement because of the many benefits they have. If you have missing teeth and want to complete your smile, this may be the best option for you! 

Why consider titanium dental implants

Here are eight reasons why titanium dental implants might be your best option for tooth replacement:

1. They are extremely durable

Titanium implants allow you to bite down your teeth with solid force. Because it’s such a strong metal, fractures in titanium implants are rare. It’s a great choice of metal to use—they even use it on space shuttles and race cars!

2. They are lightweight

In addition to being solid and durable, dental implants also need to be light. Since they’re going to be in your jaw for years, you don’t want a heavy piece of metal in your mouth.

3. They are biocompatible

Biocompatible simply means that our bodies won’t reject this material, and it isn’t harmful to living tissue either. Titanium is also one of the few metals that don’t cause allergic reactions in the body. 

4. They allow osseointegration

Don’t let this word scare you! It simply refers to when the bone fuses to the implant, making for a firm structure. For a successful dental implant, it needs to merge into your jaw. Titanium is a metal that allows our bodies to do it with ease.

5. They last longer than other dental implants

The implant itself or the screw that fuses into your bone lasts a lifetime. That is assuming that you’re able to keep up with your oral hygiene routines. While the titanium implant may last a lifetime, the crown on top may need replacing after 5 to 15 years.

6. They are anti-corrosive

Titanium has a strong protective layer that forms instantly when it comes into contact with oxygen and water. This oxide film is what keeps it from rusting, making it perfect for bodily implants.

7. They’re non-magnetic

Pure titanium is not magnetic. That makes it safe as an implant in the body, so it doesn’t trigger metal detectors, and neither will it interfere with MRIs.

8. They are flexible

Titanium implants are capable of sharing stress applied to them with the surrounding bone. That makes titanium an ideal metal for use in orthopedic surgery. Not only will this keep bones active and robust during healing, but it also reduces the potential for implant failure.

Sometimes you never really know just how vital your teeth are until you live with one or a few of them missing. You know your teeth are essential but may not realize just how much they help with chewing, swallowing, and of course, speaking.

With titanium dental implants, you can replace one tooth or many. This solution will give your smile an instant boost! If you want to learn more about them, don’t hesitate to contact our dentist in Toronto today for an appointment. Call our team at Downtown Dentistry, and together let’s complete your smile.

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