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Having one or a few missing teeth can make anyone feel self-conscious. If you’re one of those people, then don’t worry because there’s still hope! 

Titanium dental implants for tooth replacement

  • Implants look just like natural teeth

Dental implants rarely change colour, as they last for 15 years or even more. Compare that to bridges, which will lose their colour over time.

  • They last long

Dental implants can last for 15 years or more. That’s more than twice the lifespan of bridges and dentures, which need replacing every five years.

  • Titanium implants don’t damage other teeth

Implants will replace the missing teeth you have by inserting a tooth root in the space. On the other hand, dental bridges sometimes require other teeth to be shaved or drilled down to support them.

  • Titanium is a biocompatible

Titanium may be a lightweight metal, but it is structurally sound enough to withstand everyday pressures and more. This metal also resists corrosion and is biocompatible, meaning the body won’t reject it.

Benefits of dental implants

  • They help retain your face shape 

Tooth implants can prevent teeth migration. By filling in that space where the tooth should be, your teeth stay aligned. That also helps prevent more gaps from happening.

  • They help improve self-esteem

Science says that people who smile more are generally happier. When you get dental implants to replace your missing tooth, you’ll gain more confidence with your smile. 

  • They help you chew and speak better

Dental implants may be the only option most people have left to stop the deterioration of their oral health. In comparison to bridges and dentures, dental implants will prevent the rest of your teeth from decaying.


When you go through all this trouble to replace your missing teeth, the last thing you should do is slack off on your dental care. It’s essential to maintain the health of your remaining teeth to prevent complications.

Your dentist will advise you to schedule quarterly checkups within your first year of getting titanium dental implants. That is so they can keep an eye out for any complications. Although they are rare, when caught early, they are reversible and treatable.

If you’re still unsure if this tooth replacement option is for you, don’t hesitate to contact our dentist in Toronto. Give us a call or send us a message today to book your appointment!

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