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Many people need their wisdom teeth removed due to lack of space in the jaw. It is common for wisdom teeth to erupt at an angle or stay partially under the gums. When you are thinking about scheduling surgery, there are a few things you should know about wisdom tooth extraction Toronto.

 1. Wisdom Teeth Can Damage Other Teeth

If your dentist recommends wisdom tooth extraction, it is important to take this advice seriously. Leaving wisdom teeth in place can lead to damage of the neighboring teeth. In these cases, you may require more extensive surgery or other treatment.

2. Early Removal Is Best

It is easier to remove wisdom teeth before the root has fully formed. This also reduces recovery time. However, it is also possible to remove wisdom teeth too early — it is possible that, if you wait, you will find the tooth has enough space and you will have no need for an extraction at all. You need to trust your dentist’s judgement.

3. You Will Need About a Week to Recover

You can recover from a simple extraction with no complications in as little as four days, but other cases take as much as one week. Recovery time depends on the type of anesthesia, your diet, and how well you follow your dentist’s recommendations. For instance, you may suffer from painful dry socket if you brush your teeth too soon, smoke, or fail to keep your head elevated.

4. There Are Some Side Effects

After wisdom teeth removal, you may notice sensitivity in your second molars and your bone may ache occasionally. This will go away after a few months. You can solve jaw problems, such as pain, clicking, or a difficulty keeping your mouth open, with plenty of rest. For more details, for wisdom tooth extraction contact us.


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