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The problem of having crowded teeth is also known as malocclusion of the teeth. This problem is related to the misalignment of your teeth. They overlap each other resulting in the inappropriate functioning of teeth. This misalignment can also result in frequent biting of gums or tongue. It can be severely painful in some cases and can also result in having mouth ulcers. Therefore, it is imperative to have timely treatment of crowded teeth. For the people of Toronto or nearby localities, effective treatment of crowded teeth Toronto is available in Downtown dentistry. The treatment methods are different and depend on malocclusion cases. What are the causes, treatments, and prevention of crowded teeth? Below sections will describe it briefly.  

Cause of crowded teeth?

Generally, this problem is considered genetic. However, few other causes can create this issue. The causes include giving a pacifier to your 3-year-old of elder on a regular basis, excessive use of bottle feeding, injuries, fissure palate or lip, abnormally shaped teeth, tumor, inadequate dental care, and tonsils.  

Treatment and prevention

You can get your crowded teeth treated in Toronto easily by visiting Downtown Dentistry. Here, Dr. Amelia Chan uses the latest technique with the easy procedure to make you forget about your fear of having dentist visit. Usually, normal crowded teeth can go well without any treatment. However, in case of having severe malocclusion, your dentist can suggest your further treatments. Different crowded teeth treatment in Toronto involves having braces, tooth removal, overcrowding correction, bonding, reshaping, teeth capping, surgery or having wires to even out jaw bone. Some people can’t prevent crowded teeth, as it is inherited in them. However, you can prevent your kids from future problems through restraining the excessive use of pacifier and bottle feeders. Other all causes are uncontrollable. Luckily, you can get crowded teeth treatment in Toronto through painless and easy methods.

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