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If you experience tooth loss, undergoing dental implant surgery is one of your best options for restoration. It is the process of placing dental screws made of titanium or ceramic materials to serve as prosthetic tooth roots. The healing process takes up to three months as the artificial roots integrate into your body’s natural bone. Most dentists recommend titanium dental implants as they are found to easily fuse with the jawbone. After a successful fusion, implants make a sturdy base for your chosen dental restoration. 

Six stages of dental implant surgery

Comprehensive examination 

You will undergo a full dental examination to ensure you are a good candidate for dental implant surgery. A panoramic dental X-ray will be taken so your dentist thoroughly checks the condition of your teeth, gums, and jaw. This allows him/her to see where the implant will be anchored and if pretreatment surgery might be required. If you have sufficient jawbone density and healthy gums, pretreatment such as bone grafting is no longer required. Also, your dentist takes a 3D image and dental impression of your teeth and jaw. 

Review of medical history

Your dental surgeon also gathers your medical records and history so you will be cleared of any complications after the surgery. Inform him if you’re currently taking prescriptions for your health condition. This way, he will know if you might need medication before the surgery. 

Treatment plan 

At this time, the surgeon informs you of his treatment plan and how many implants you may need. He discusses the surgical area and what type of implant he will use. If you don’t have an allergic reaction to metal, titanium dental implants are your best option. Otherwise, he may recommend zirconia ceramic implants. 

Placing of the implant

During the implant procedure, the surgeon administers sedation and numbs the surgical site so you feel comfortable.  Next, he accesses your gums and exposes your jawbone. He drills a hole into the bone and inserts the dental screw. Lastly, the dental surgeon places a temporary restoration while your gums heal for several months. 

Placing the abutment

After a few months following your dental implant surgery, the surgeon checks if the artificial roots successfully fuse with the bone. He then proceeds with a minor surgery to place the abutment that connects the implant to the restoration. Titanium is a two-piece implant, that’s why a separate surgery is done to place the abutment. On one hand, single-piece implants no longer require a second surgery. 

Choosing the new artificial teeth 

Finally, when gums surrounding the abutment of titanium dental implants heal, the artificial teeth are ready to be placed. You may choose removable dentures to cover the abutment or fixed dental crown restoration. 

The procedure may take several visits to the dentist, yet, having dental implants in Toronto, Ontario guarantees durable teeth replacement.

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