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Snoring seems like a minor problem but it conceals other health problems that you may not be aware of. Knowing the best snoring solutions out there helps you resolve this problem.

Why do you snore?

When you sleep, muscles at the rear area of the throat relax and close momentarily. Air passes through a smaller hole which quickly causes vibrations. Tissues around the rear area vibrate which results to snoring. Other causes for snoring stem from breathing through the mouth and having a nasal obstruction.

What are the best snoring solutions?

According to the Dentists in Toronto, patients can choose from various solutions that fit their lifestyle to resolve snoring problems. Change sleeping position When you sleep, remember to sleep on your side and not on your back. Lying on your back lets the base of the tongue and your soft palate to crash to the rear area of the throat. Hence, it results to creating vibrations during your sleep. Elevate your head by putting a pillow under your head. Remember this as one of the best snoring solutions at home. Follow a sleep pattern While most think that drinking alcohol before sleeping helps them, it only disrupts their sleep. When you feel the need to sleep, do it. Refrain from engaging any other activity such as working long hours. Dentists in Toronto discourage their patients from extending their work hours to avoid over fatigue. Use dental appliance You can wear dental appliances to reduce snoring. It’s a custom-fit mouthpiece that ensures a deep slumber when you use it. Most say this is one of the best snoring solutions because of its convenience. It’s easy to wear, it’s portable and discreet. Choose the right technique that works best for you. Feel free to consult with your dentists in Toronto if you may need a dental appliance.

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