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How can sedation dentistry in Toronto help you overcome your fear of the dentist or procedures? To answer this first we must look at the safety of sedation dentistry.

Safety of administering sedatives

Dental offices exercise safety in administering sedatives to their patients. As you know, dental practitioners need to undergo special training and licensing before they are authorized to administer a specific type of sedative. Also, dentists look into their patient’s detailed medical history and a list of any medications they are currently taking. While patients are under sedation, their heart rate and breathing are also monitored.

Types of sedation

  • Enteral or oral sedation where the dentist asks you to take a pill at least an hour before the procedure. 
  • Inhalation sedation where you wear a nose mask to breathe in  laughing gas just before you undergo a dental procedure. 
  • IV moderate sedation where you will be given a sedative through a veins

With any of these, you will also generally be given a local anesthesia to numb the area of the mouth that receives treatment.

How sedation helps you

Even with advanced dental technology, some patients are still fearful or anxious when going to the dentist. In effect, they prefer not to receive dental treatment, which leads to a compromised dental health. Dental anxiety not only applies to kids, even adults who had previous traumatic dental experience. Sedation dentistry is a great option to help these anxious patients feel much more comfortable and calm when undergoing dental treatment, both children and adults. See your Toronto dentist today and ask the type of sedation that works for you, so he can help you maintain healthy mouth and teeth.

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