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To save your tooth and prevent the spread of infection, your dentist might recommend root canal therapy. Many people avoid getting a root canal because they are afraid of the pain, but the procedure is painless in reality. 

Root canal therapy signs and symptoms

It may be time to schedule a root canal treatment if you are experiencing any of the following warning signs. You shouldn’t ignore these symptoms as they could lead to a more serious dental problem in the future.

  • The pain persists

When you experience pain, even when you are not eating or drinking, you might need a root canal. The pain usually occurs in the jaw, tooth, and surrounding area. Furthermore, the pain may come and go, returning after a while.

  • Swollen gums

It is a clear sign that you need endodontic therapy when your gums swell, and you have tooth pain. Moreover, a possible abscess may also develop in this gum area, leading to discomfort to the patient. 

  • A broken or damaged tooth

A cracked tooth may damage the tooth nerve, causing inflammation. Cracks in the tooth can also allow bacteria to settle more quickly, increasing infection chances.

  • Extreme tooth sensitivity

Don’t ignore sharp and piercing sensations after eating or drinking something too hot or too cold. If you experience pain, it could signify that you need a root canal because of an infected tooth nerve.

  • Pimples in the gums

Pimples on the gums indicate an abscess in the gum tissues. The only way to prevent this from spreading is to perform a root canal.

  • Discoloured gums

Darker patches on your gums can indicate infection at the root of your teeth. Discolourations of the gums are usually the result of infected pulp, which prevents blood flow. 

  • Discoloured tooth

An effect of infected tooth pulp is tooth discolouration. The tooth becomes grayish-black because there is no blood supply in the pulp. Don’t delay your visit to the dentist to treat your infected tooth right away. 


Is a root canal necessary? Yes, especially if you notice the symptoms discussed in this blog post. Don’t wait. Contact your Toronto dentist to save your tooth.

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