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Gapped teeth problem is termed as diastema in medical science. It is a problem of having a gap between two teeth. Generally, it occurs between upper front two teeth, but it can happen between any two teeth. There are varieties of causes for gapped teeth, and the treatments also vary according to the cause of the problem.

The success of treatment depends widely on the person or specialist performing the procedure. So, getting a right dentist for your teeth is crucial. You can treat your gapped teeth Toronto from Dr. Amelia. Here, you won’t only get reliable and trustworthy treatment from experts, but also their caring behavior with the latest technique will help you in completing all sessions easily.

For your information, let’s briefly discuss what the causes and treatments of gapped teeth are?


Causes of gapped teeth

There are numerous causes of gapped teeth. The most common are the mismatching size of jaw bones and teeth. This thing leads to having a gap between teeth. Sometimes, any tooth remains undersized, and it causes the gap to appear between the teeth.

One more important cause of gapped teeth is increased size of labial frenum. It is a tissue located between the upper lip and gum at the position above upper two front teeth. Sometimes it becomes larger and extends above the front teeth resulting in blockage of the natural closing of teeth.

Other habitual causes also create gapped teeth like thumb sucking and inappropriate swallowing reflex.


Treatment of gapped teeth

Gapped teeth in Toronto can easily be treated from Downtown dentistry by using different methods. One treatment of this problem has full mouth braces that will cover your whole teeth. In the case of having an undersized tooth, tooth widening through using crowns, bondings, and veneers can also be performed.

If space is a result of missing teeth, then dental implant, partial denture or bridge can also solve the problem. In case of having labial frenum, surgery is required to adjust the extended tissues.

Whatsoever is the reason of having spaces between teeth, you can easily treat your gapped teeth in Toronto from highly qualified specialists.

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