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Most dentists in Toronto prefer to use advanced laser dentistry techniques in giving superior dental services to their patients. They are able to perform different dental procedures with ease and less anesthesia because of laser technology. They use the LASER or Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation technology to perform dental treatments with accuracy. The dental clinic in Toronto uses laser dentistry to give their patients a more comfortable oral care and treatment.

What are the two types of laser dentistry techniques?

Hard Tissue Laser The main purpose of this type of laser is to accurately cut into the teeth and bone. Dentists use hard tissue lasers when they prepare and shape the tooth for dental bonding. They use this kind of laser to minimize drilling on the tooth, therefore it reduces damage on the tooth structure. Another use is to repair certain dental fillings that are worn down. Soft Tissue Laser The main use of soft laser tissue is to penetrate on softer tissues, minimize pain and promote faster recovery. Dentists use this laser technique during dental surgeries as the laser seals nerve ending and blood vessels. In effect, their patients experience zero pain after the surgery with soft tissue laser technique. Also, this technique promotes faster healing of tissues. Now, more dentists incorporate this laser dentistry technique when performing the procedure of gingival sculpting.

What dental procedures use laser dentistry techniques?

Dental filling During tooth preparation, the dentist uses hard tissue laser to reduce the need for local anesthetic to be given to patient. The dentist also moves away from using the traditional dental drill, making the patient more comfortable during the tooth preparation. This is one of the benefits that patients enjoy when their dentists use laser dentistry techniques in their practice. Along the dental process, lasers also kill bacteria in the decayed tooth which potentially improves the longevity of the restoration. Treat tooth sensitivity There is a dental clinic in Toronto which incorporates dental lasers to treat sensitive teeth. The lasers are used to seal the tubules on the roots of the tooth that are sensitive to hot and cold. Lengthening of dental crowns This is a combination of hard and soft tissue lasers to reshape gum tissues and bones to expose a healthier tooth structure. Dentists refer to this as crown lengthening, the reshaping gives a stronger foundation for the restorations. Improve a gummy smile One of the laser dentistry techniques is used to reshape the gum tissue to expose a healthy tooth structure. This also improves the appearance of a patient with a gummy smile. Frenectomy Pediatric dentists recommend laser frenectomy to children who have a restricted frenulum. This laser treatment potentially helps eliminate speech impairment among children. Removing soft tissue folds Now, dentists use laser to remove soft tissue folds that’s caused by ill-fitting artificial teeth. This procedure is painless and stitch-free because of laser technology. Dental lasers have become one of the end products of the advancement in dental technology. Make use of it and get the necessary treatment you’ve been delaying due to anxiety. Look for a laser dentist in a dental clinic in Toronto for a speedy, precise and painless dental treatment.

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