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The laser is an instrument which produces intense, narrow beam of energy and light. The contact of the laser with tissue produces a reaction.

Do Dr. Chan PERFORM PROCEDURES WITH LASERS in Downtown Dentistry?

Lasers dental treatment in Toronto are a form of advanced technology. Dr. Chan believes it is beneficial for various treatment plans. The amounts of pain, swelling and bleeding are markedly reduced while performing the dental procedures through lasers. Lasers are less invasive, create less discomfort and allow you to work precisely.

BENEFITS of Laser dental treatment in Downtown Dentistry Toronto:

  • Recovery time with lasers is less when compared it other traditional procedures
  • Small dose of anesthesia is required
  • Work accuracy is very high
  • Decreases the infection chances
  • Helps you to perform cosmetic gum treatments without performing any surgeries.
  • It is extremely versatile.
  • There is no need to crack or stress the teeth with lasers
  • It helps you to bond filings more correctly than standard techniques.
  • Reduces the trauma
  • Allows you to pay fewer dental visits


  • Lasers can be used to take impressions of your teeth
  • It helps you to reshape the gums so that you can achieve ideal aesthetics.
  • Helps in reducing sensitivity.
  • It allows you to remove soft tissue
  • Reduces the inflammation which may occur due to the Temporo mandibular dysfunction.
  • Helps in detecting carries
  • It helps you in crown lengthening.
  • Allows you to activate whitening gels.
  • It helps you to perform the biopsy procedures.
  • Allows you to remove the gums from the partially erupted tooth.
  • Lasers help to control bleeding during surgery.

Dental lasers are safe if performed by the trained practitioner like Dr. Chan. There are multiple benefits and uses of lasers which can be easily made efficient by laser so what else do you want? Feel free to have your laser dental treatment from by Dr. Chan right here in Toronto.



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