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Have you ever felt like a dentist was treating you more like a series of dental problems rather than a person? Holistic dentists offer a different approach to your health. Instead of focusing on this disorder or that one, the focus is on you as a whole person. The tenets of holistic dentistry emphasize overall health and well-being.


When You Are In Complete Balance, You Can Experience Optimal Health

Balance is the primary goal of holistic dentistry. When one part of you is out of balance, your entire organism is similarly out of balance. This includes your teeth, your gums, the soft tissues of your mouth, the bones that make up your jaw, as well as your face, head and neck. It also means considering the health of your entire body when planning and performing dental procedures.


No Mercury Fillings

Traditional dentists around the world have chosen mercury fillings to repair decayed or damaged teeth. A holistic dentist relies instead on composite fillings. Why? Mercury fillings may be easier for the dentist to place and may last longer, but the health risks outweigh the benefits. Mercury is a dangerous toxin that can affect your entire body once it is put in your mouth. In addition, mercury fillings can cause excessive wear on the remainder of the tooth and other teeth near it. Holistic dentist not only avoid using mercury for fillings, but they also use safe techniques to remove any mercury fillings you already have.


Holistic Dentistry and Fluoride

Holistic dentists typically do not subscribe to the notion that water supplies should be fluoridated. They also avoid prescribing fluoride drops to infants. People who get too much fluoride can suffer fluorosis, a condition that not only mottles your teeth but can also cause ligaments throughout your body to calcify. Some holistic dentists may approve of topical fluoride such as that found in toothpaste. Others reject both ingested and topical fluoride treatment.


All Dental Materials Need to Be Biocompatible

Dental materials that are biocompatible are those that do not cause any harm to any part of you. Because you have a unique physical system, what is biocompatible for someone else may not be safe for you. Choosing the wrong materials can lead to severe allergic reactions. Therefore, dental materials are checked to ensure you have no allergies or sensitivities to the ones that are used in your mouth.


Treating the Cause Instead of the Symptoms

The holistic approach to dentistry includes the goal of treating causes of oral health problems. For example, if your teeth are decaying rapidly, the traditional approach would be to deal with the decay and resulting tooth loss as it happens. A more holistic dentist might consider your diet, your oral hygiene routine and other factors to determine the cause and suggest treatment. What if your teeth were wearing down quickly? Your dentist might understand the deeper problem behind it is teeth grinding, and treat that condition.


You Are a Person, Not a Dental Disorder

Too many dentists define their patients by the dental problems that bring them in for treatment. A holistic dentist thinks of you as a person. Your dental disorder doesn’t define you and your cooperation is a part of the treatment process. Your complex physical system is capable of healing, and your holistic dentist is there to help.

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