Halitosis Treatment

Do you notice people facing away from you when you talk? Do you think it’s because you forgot to brush your teeth this morning? Indeed, bad breath makes you anxious. For sure, you wouldn’t want to be talking with someone with a stinky breath. It’s a no-brainer why those people evade you every time you open your mouth. Don’t worry —halitosis treatment in Toronto can save your day!

What do you know about halitosis?

Bad breath is common; however, it has various causes. You need to identify which one is causing your breath to stink to avoid it altogether, improving the smell of your breath. 

Here are some of the potential halitosis causes: 

  • Smoking cigarettes or tobacco. The smoke not only causes bad breath but also increases your risk of developing gum disease. 
  • Ingesting spices like garlic and onion. Spices release odour when they begin to break down inside your guts. 
  • Sudden crash diet. Eating programs that require you to fast or cut your carb intake will cause you bad breath. 
  • Poor dental hygiene. Not regularly cleaning your mouth leaves food particles stuck between your teeth which eventually accumulate and grow bacteria. 
  • Other serious diseases. When your nose, throat, or sinuses gets infection or inflammation, you also develop halitosis. Aside from that, some cancer patients also produce bad breath, as with gastroesophageal reflux disease and liver failure.  

Halitosis Treatment in Toronto

Once you realize what’s making your breath stink, you should receive proper treatment. If you don’t prefer seeing your dentist for this process, you’re in luck! Halitosis can be treated with improvement in your oral hygiene routine. 

Always brush your teeth twice daily and follow it with flossing and mouth rinsing. On top of that, you should attend your regular dental appointments every six months. When you do this without a miss, you will achieve fresh breath in just a couple of days. 

However, once your breath stays unpleasant and you have developed periodontitis, you must immediately see your dentist in Toronto. This could be a sign of an underlying problem.

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