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Gum infection treatment in Toronto varies according to factors like the severity of the condition, your overall health, and any history of gum disease. When the disease is still in its early stages, it is possible to treat it with nonsurgical therapies to control bacteria. In more extreme cases, surgery is necessary.

Non-Surgical Therapies


Scaling is another term for a professional cleaning, carried out by your dental hygienist with special tools. This removes plaque and tartar from your teeth, which are impossible to clean with a toothbrush.

Root planing

If tartar has built up under the gums, you will also need root planing. For this deep cleaning, you may receive a local anesthetic.


To control bacteria, your dentist may follow scaling and root planing with a medication. Common types of medicine for gum infections include antimicrobial mouth rinses, antiseptics, antibiotics, and enzyme suppressants.

Surgery for Gum Disease

Flap surgery

If your gum infection has progressed, leaving deep gum pockets, you may need flap surgery as another gum infection treatment. This involves lifting back the gums to clear away tartar deposits and then suturing the gums back in place.

Bone and tissue grafting

Gum infections can weaken bone and gum tissue. To promote growth, your dentist may recommend grafting.

Bone grafting takes natural bone (from your body or from an animal) or synthetic bone and inserts it into the area that has experienced bone loss. Your dentist may combine this with guided tissue regeneration. By placing a mesh between the bone and gum, the gum tissue will be unable to evade the space where bone should be. You may also receive growth factors to help your body regenerate bone.

Tissue grafting is necessary when you have exposed roots. Your dentist will use a synthetic material or take tissue from your mouth for the grafting.

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