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Gum disease is one of the most widespread oral health conditions which is why we have gum disease dentists who will address these oral conditions. It is extra problematic as it tends to exhibit only a few mild symptoms before turning severe. This means that your dentist will need to discover and diagnose the condition for you to begin treatment.  

Symptoms of Gum Disease

Gum disease comes in two forms: gingivitis and periodontitis. Symptoms of gingivitis include bleeding gums after brushing, swelling, and bad breath or a bad taste in the mouth. You can usually cure gingivitis yourself by improving your dental hygiene practices. If you allow gingivitis to progress, it will turn into periodontitis. Symptoms include receding gums, deep pockets in the gums, loose teeth, and a change in bite. This can occur to all or just some of your teeth. As you may fail to notice these signs, it is critical to see your dentist on a regular basis for a checkup.  

Diagnosis of Periodontitis

Your gum disease dentists in Toronto (also called a periodontist) will check for signs of gum disease during your oral examination. Your dentist will analyze your gums for firmness and pocket depth, check for bleeding and swelling, examine your teeth with your mouth closed to look at alignment, and assess the strength of your jawbone.  

Preventing Periodontitis

Your gum disease dentists will also advise you on ways to prevent the gum disease from returning. This may include teaching you the proper way to brush your teeth, recommending a toothpaste with the right amount of fluoride, and advising you on how often to receive dental checkups. Your dentist may also have suggestions about improving your lifestyle, such as quitting smoking or changing your diet to cut down on foods that are damaging your teeth. If gingivitis returns, your dentist may prescribe you a mouthwash or antibiotics to control the problem.

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