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You’ve been wanting to have straighter teeth yet you can’t see yourself wearing dental braces. You’re in luck because dentists now offer Invisalign treatment to fix your orthodontic issues. In this method, they use clear aligners to discreetly align your teeth. The clear aligners, which look like dental guards, are made from premium-grade thermoplastic materials. Yet, they are durable enough to push the teeth into the right position so that malocclusion and teeth gaps are fixed. 

The secret behind the success of the Invisalign system in treating orthodontic cases lies behind the technology used in designing the trays. Each aligner is carefully made by taking digital images of your mouth using an intraoral scanner. The Toronto dentist uses the new iTero 5D intraoral scanner and sets the standard in providing clear aligners to the patients. 

The 8 benefits of using iTero 5D scanner for best Invisalign results

  1. The intraoral scanner wand is smaller and easy to handle. No more gagging when the dentist moves it around your mouth and captures images of your molars. 
  2. This new device has a multi-bite scan feature which allows you to maintain your natural occlusion while it captures high-resolution multiple-bite registration. As a result, your dentist makes clear aligners that fit you well due to precise and accurate scanned images.
  3. The new device also has an occlusalgram feature that sets it apart from other intraoral scanners. It gives the dentist a real-time review of your dentition and preparation. This ensures that there’s enough occlusal clearance necessary so the thermoplastic dental aligners are a perfect fit. 
  4. The 5D intraoral scanning device also has TimeLapse technology that tracks your teeth movement over time. These details cannot be easily seen when you check the changes in your teeth in the mirror. This feature is an excellent way for you to see your new smile even before your treatment starts. 
  5. The iTero Element 5D Scanner uses an open software system.  After the dentist scans, the data is easily exported to third-party systems. With this, dental practitioners easily share your digital impressions with their colleagues and laboratory partners.
  6. Your chair time and appointment are reduced up to 22 percent as compared to the traditional dental practice. 
  7. Your dentist does not need powder to cover your teeth when he or she uses this new intraoral scanning device. There’s no mess on your teeth and you won’t feel any discomfort. 
  8. The scanner quickly processes the captured images as the dentist sees high-resolution images of your teeth on the screen within seconds.

Best practices to make the most of your Invisalign treatment

Seek treatment from a trusted Platinum Invisalign provider 

Find a general dentist in your area who is an Invisalign Platinum provider to make the most of your treatment. Dentists who receive this level of recognition have successfully treated more than 300 Invisalign patients. You can visit their dental office’s website to check before and after images for you to see the amazing smile transformation. 

Set a reminder to put on your clear trays back

Your dentist requires you to wear your plastic aligners for 22 hours every day. Yes, even when you sleep, you have to wear them. You only remove your aligners when eating or doing exercise. Set alarms or reminders on your phone and you’ll be fine to ensure you don’t forget to put them back on. This is a good way for you to set the pace and make it your daily habit.   

sleep apnea and snoring mouth device by downtown dentistry

Store your aligners only in the Invisalign box

When your aligners are not on your mouth, store them properly in the Invisalign box before putting them inside your bag. It’s vital to develop this habit so you keep your trays clean. More importantly, you won’t have to keep forgetting where you might have placed them or you may eventually lose them.  

Stick to your scheduled dental visit

No matter how well your dentist designs your Invisalign clear aligners, skipping your dental visit will keep you from getting the desired results. Every two weeks, your dentist gives you a new set of removable aligners as your treatment progresses. Without changing aligners, your teeth will not move into the right position according to the treatment plan. 

Soak your aligners daily

Aside from cleaning your teeth, you also need to take care of your aligners and make sure they are odor-free. Your dentist recommends that you soak them in water and denture cleaner mixture at least once a day. This prevents the accumulation of stains on your aligners and keeps your aligners to be virtually invisible. 

Now is the perfect time for you to align your teeth through Invisalign. Entrust your precious smile only with the Invisalign dentist that’s recognized as a Platinum provider. Invest in your smile and experience an advanced treatment planning through the iTero Element 5D intraoral scanning device. 

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