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Dental implants are a substitute for dentures. A post is surgically placed in the bone and a prosthetic tooth is attached once it is healed. They look and feel more like natural teeth and they don’t slip when you are eating or talking. Not only are they one of the best alternatives for missing teeth, they are also one of the most popular choices today. Here are some of the questions we hear frequently about implants.  

Do implants hurt?

– Most people say they feel less discomfort than they did with a tooth extraction. Many are surprised by how little pain and discomfort they felt. Operative procedures are done using a local and IV anesthesia to minimize discomfort.  

How long does it take to get implants?

 This can be different for each individual based on how extensive the surgical procedure is. Some require bone grafting before implants are placed which can lengthen the time it takes for bone to fuse with the implant. Typically, it takes a few months for complete healing.  

Will I have to go without my teeth?

 During the time immediately following the procedure, you might wear partials or dentures over the implants. Once they heal you can have the new teeth placed. There shouldn’t be any time where you are totally without teeth.  

Are implants as strong as my natural teeth?

 In most cases, implants are stronger than natural teeth and they allow for full functionality.  

What are the benefits of dental implants?

 There are several direct benefits from dental implants. There is an enhanced ability to chew food. They look natural and can help improve your appearance and your self-confidence. Implants can replace full and partial dentures as well as fixed bridgework for a more natural look and feel, and they can help prevent further bone loss.

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