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Finding a dentist to take care of your oral health can be quite a challenge when you are involved in managing a business or private practice. As a business professional, you have little time to spend taking care of this important task. Yet, you need to keep your teeth clean, white and straight to maintain your professional image. You also need to preserve your oral health to prevent emergency trips to the dentist’s office that can happen if you fail to take care of your teeth. The question is: how do you find a capable dentist without wasting your valuable time?

 Set Your Criteria for Dental Services

Decide at the outset what you want from a dentist. Perhaps you need to see the dentist at certain times like evenings or weekends. You can fit dental work into your schedule more easily if the location is convenient for you as well. Maybe you need specific services that not all dentists provide. Or, you might have specific expectations about what kinds of experience and training you want your dentist to have. Write a list before you begin searching.

Check Dental Practice Websites

Checking the websites of various dentists can help you narrow down your options. Use your list to weed out the dentists that do not provide the services you need at the times that are convenient for you. Just as important, you can check out the map to see if the location is near where you work or live. You will also be able to see the qualifications of each dentist clearly stated on their site. And this is not a job you have to do yourself. Once you have set your criteria down in a document, you can set your personal assistant to work finding a list of dentists that meet your criteria that includes all these important facts.

 Ask about Insurance and Standard Pricing

Once the list is narrowed down, you can find out what it is going to cost you to maintain good oral health. First, ask if the dentist accepts your dental insurance. Then, request the dental office send you a list of estimated prices for routine dental services and any other services you expect to need. Use this price list to comparison shop for a dentist, but remember that cheapest is not always best. Consider the information from the websites, which you or your assistant have already seen on the website. Then, create a shortlist of the dentists you want to check out personally.

 Give the Dentist a Trial

Aside from the practical details of finding a dentist, you also need to make sure you can get along with the dentist. Your life as a businessperson is stressful enough. You do not need the added frustration of dealing with a dentist you do not like or trust.

The only way to be sure any dentist’s personality is compatible with yours is to give them a try. Choose one of the dentists from your shortlist to try. Ask for a routine checkup or other routine dental work. By the time you finish with your first appointment, you will know whether you have found the right dentist for you.

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