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Finding a dentist downtown Toronto is not a hard task, it’s choosing the right dentist that proves more difficult. Finding a dentist  who can take care of all of your needs and make you feel comfortable about sitting in the dental chair are top priorities for most patients. Downtown Dentistry is your premier dental clinic Toronto. Our clinic offers general dentistry services, cosmetic  dentistry, and orthodontic services, as well as assistance with dental anxiety and sleeping issues. Offering these services allows our clinic to diagnose and treat all types of dental concerns, as well as provide preventive services to your entire family.  

Downtown Dentistry Founded by Toronto Dentist

Our Clinic was founded by Dr. Amelia Chan. Dr. Chan has been King as a Toronto dentist since 1989. She and her Associates, Dr. Somayah Nourian, Dr. Ha Young Kim, Dr. Youree Lim and Dr. Brian McLean strive to provide the latest and best practices in dentistry two patients of the downtown Toronto area.  

Only the Best Technology for our Dental Patients

In order to provide our patients the highest level of comfort possible during there dental care treatment, we use the latest first and best technology design for dental services, including the use of dental lasers in place of traditional dental instruments. Our laser technology has replaced the traditional dental drill, shortens treatment procedures, and allows us to whiten teeth in less than an hour. Having the best dental technology at our Clinic comes without one thing, higher pricing. At Downtown Dentistry we aim to always provide affordable pricing for residents of the downtown Toronto area. If you are tired of looking for the right dental clinic for your family, look no further than downtown Dentistry of Toronto. Schedule your appointment today.

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