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It’s no secret that dental health is significant. Your oral health can say a lot about your overall health. Digital x-rays enable your dentist to assess your teeth and gums early and provide early treatment for said issues.

What are digital x-rays, and how do they work?

Digital imaging first became available in dentistry in 1987. Unlike traditional dental x-rays, electronic sensors produce images quickly. The process also involves sensitive plates that take a picture of your mouth, which the dentist can view on a computer screen. A significant reason dentists prefer digital images is their ease of restoration and access.

Benefits of using digital x-rays than traditional methods

A growing number of dental practices are making the switch to digital x-rays. Let us look at some of the advantages of using digital x-rays.

1. It is more affordable.

One of the significant benefits of digital x-rays is that they are less expensive than traditional ones. Dentists who use traditional x-rays must purchase both the machine and the film, which can be costly. In contrast, digital x-rays only require a device and some software.

2. It provides better images.

Traditional x-ray images have low resolution compared to digital images. When it comes to image resolutions, digital x-rays can pick up more photos. Thus, it is more accurate. Digital radiographs can also provide better coverage inside the mouth. 

3. It offers a more comfortable experience.

The traditional x-ray uses film, which requires developing and drying. Patients have to remain still for several minutes during this process, which can be uncomfortable. Digital x-rays use sensors and advanced scanning technology, making them more comfortable for patients who won’t have to endure a lengthy scanning procedure.

4. It has a lower radiation level.

In recent years, digital x-ray images have become more popular due to the lower levels of radiation they emit than traditional film x-rays. This approach is convenient and causes less radiation exposure, leading to health complications such as skin cancer.


Put to use the power of digital x-rays by scheduling an appointment with your dentist in Toronto. Good oral hygiene is vital for your overall health, and now you can do it more efficiently than ever before!

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