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Dental implants are by far the best way to replace missing teeth. Not only do they replace the function of the crown of the tooth, but they replace the function of the root as well. Other tooth replacements, such as partial dentures or bridges function well for chewing, speaking, and looking good when you speak and smile.  But a dental implant can strengthen and reinforce the jawbone. A dental implant can help align your teeth. Most importantly, a dental implant is firmly implanted in the jaw. So what’s the catch? What’s the dental implant cost  Toronto?

There’s no denying it. Dental implants are expensive. For this reason, your Toronto dentist will likely recommend a bridge or denture if you are missing a single tooth. However, because a dental implant is firmly implanted in the jaw, the are often used to make a stable location to attach bridges or dentures.


If your tooth has been lost recently, either naturally or by an extraction, you may be able to get the implant right away. However, if it’s been a while since you lost your tooth, you may need a bone graft to strengthen the jawbone first. If your jawbone is reasonably strong, you are ready to get your dental implant.

A dental implant is made of two parts. The first part is either a post firmly implanted in the jaw, in the case of an endosteal implant, or a metal frame fitted under the gums, in the case of subperiosteal implants. The second is a crown, custom made and fitted to have the same appearance and function as your natural tooth.

If you’re interested in dental implants, rather it’s just to consider your options or to get an estimate, visit us at Downtown Dentistry in dentist Toronto or call us.

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