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Even when you take measures to maintain good oral health, you can still end up with tooth decay. If you have a cavity, it is important to see your dentist as soon as possible for dental fillings Toronto.

Signs You May Have a Cavity

There are several symptoms to look out for that suggest you may have a cavity. These include:

  • Pain, especially when eating, as well as sensitivity to hot, cold, or sugary foods.
  • A dark spot on a tooth. Food may become stuck in this area.
  • Damage to a tooth, such as breaks, chips, and fractures.

In some cases, these signs may mean you have a problem other than tooth decay. Only your dentist can diagnose the condition and offer you the appropriate treatment.

 Dental Checkups

In the early stages, it is not always obvious if you have tooth decay. For instance, sometimes decay is still under the surface of the tooth, only detectable with an X-ray. In these situations, the only way to find out is to see your dentist for a checkup. For this reason, it is crucial to visit your dentist every six months.

At a checkup, your dentist will check each of your teeth in turn, looking for soft spots, cavities, and other signs. The dentist does this by drying your teeth with air and probing the surface with a special tool. If the probe sticks in a soft spot, your dentist will test further to confirm there is decay.

Catching a cavity quickly will mean you only need a small filling and your dentist will be able to save most of your natural tooth. If you leave decay too long, dental fillings may no longer be an option and you will need an inlay, onlay, or crown.

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