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The most common problem after a dental extraction in Toronto is keeping a blood clot on the extraction site.Without a blood clot, your mouth is unable to heal. By following the right aftercare procedures, you can help your mouth heal.

Take the Right Painkillers

It is best to start taking an over-the-counter analgesic straight away, to avoid pain entirely. Stick to ibuprofen or a medication your dentist prescribes. Never take aspirin — this thins the blood, making the blood unable to clot.

Control the Bleeding

It may seem as if you are bleeding too much after the extraction. This is because blood mixes with saliva, making it appear like there is more blood than there really is. Your dentist will place a gauze pad over the extraction site. To control the bleeding, hold down on this pad for 30 minutes. Change the dressing every 30 to 45 minutes throughout the first day.

Get Plenty of Rest

After the extraction, take the rest of the day off. When you want to lie down, keep your head propped up with pillows. Avoid exercising for at least 12 hours, preferably 24 hours, and try not to bend over or lift heavy objects for the next two to three days.

Clean the Extraction Site

Starting from the second day, you will need to rinse your mouth about four times a day with warm salt water. Rinse after you eat anything to remove any leftover food from the extraction site. When brushing your teeth, take extra care near the extraction site for the first three to four days.

Keep to a Diet of Soft Foods

Your dentist will tell you what you can and cannot eat. For the first couple days, you may need to stick to liquid foods. After this, you eat just soft foods for a few days.

You may contact your dentist to help you be guided with aftercare procedures following a dental extraction.

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