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You might be nervous about your dental checkup in Toronto but relax. It is not as bad as you think. This blog post will provide you with the necessary information on what to expect during your dental visit.

Benefits of dental visits

If you think that dental visits only involve cleaning your teeth, then you are wrong. Here are other reasons why you should see your dentist:

  • Early detection of oral cavities
  • It saves your teeth from serious oral problems
  • Provides oral health education to patients
  • Screening on oral cancer

What happens during your checkup?

In a typical dental checkup visit, the dentist and dental assistant will conduct the dental procedures. First, the dental assistant will make sure to remove any plaque or food debris in your teeth. After the cleaning, your dentist will perform the following procedures:

  • Check your teeth’s condition
  • Look for lumps or abnormalities in your gums, throat, neck, and cheeks.
  • Check your bite and jaw.
  •  Take a look at any dental x-rays
  • Conduct evaluation if you need any dental repair
  • Provide recommendations and tips on proper oral care to improve your health. 

First time going to the dentist? Find out what to do before you go.

If it’s your first time visiting your dentist, here are some tips you can follow to have a comfortable and relaxing dental visit.

  1. Confirm your dental appointment.
  2. Ensure that you have all your dental information since you will use it when you fill out forms.
  3. Brush and floss your teeth.
  4. Avoid drinking coffee before your scheduled appointment to lessen the anxiety.
  5. List your dental questions.
  6. Come a little early or on time. 

A regular dental checkup is vital for your oral health. Regular visits with your dentist can help identify problems before they become a significant concern. Schedule your next appointment with your Toronto dentist to maintain a healthy mouth and teeth!

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