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The best way to give your children good dental help for life is to start bringing them to the dentist at a young age. If you are searching for a great childrens dentist Toronto, look no further than Downtown Dentistry. We offer top children’s dental services Toronto using the latest technology and a kid friendly environment.  

General and Preventive Dental Services for Children

Good dental health begins with preventive care. For our pediatric patients, preventive care includes regular dental exams and professional cleanings along with dental sealant applications, cavity screenings, and orthodontics screenings. As part of our routine children’s dental check-up, we screen for signs of potential problems such as tooth decay and tooth misalignment. Dental sealants can be applied two children as young as six years old, and can provide protection against cavities for many years to come. In addition to prevention against cavities and gum disease, we offer mouth protection during recreational sports or activity with custom mouth guards. Mouth guards help prevent injury to the gums and teeth during activity in which injury is more to occur. At Downtown Dentistry, we understand that getting in the dental chair could be daunting for some children. We offer child-safe sedation dentistry options to help your child relax throughout their dental appointment. Nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas, is a conscious sedation therapy that allows the patient to remain awake but relaxed throughout their appointment. It’s mild effects typically wear off by the time the patient leaves the clinic, making it a popular choice for sedation therapy for children.  

Friendly, Fun Environment for Children and Adults

The staff at Downtown Dentistry strives to provide a comfortable, friendly, inviting atmosphere for patients of all ages. Contacts are friendly office staff to schedule your child’s next dental exam with Downtown Dentistry today. Checkout Toronto dentist.

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