Wearing traditional braces for a long period of time tires some patients. They look for other alternatives like Invisalign. However, they need to prepare themselves with the average cost of Invisalign before getting one. Invisalign helps patients fix and straighten their teeth without using traditional braces. It changed how people see orthodontics and paved the way for nearly invisible braces. Patients like Invisalign for its comfort, material, and appearance. Dr. Chan explains that Invisalign gives a comfortable treatment for patients due to its snug fit and clear plastic material.


While Invisalign appears almost invisible, patients see braces even from a meter away. These cost significantly higher than braces due to its material and features. Braces cause mouth sores and some dental injuries in the long run. Invisalign gives and provides a comfortable way of correcting teeth. These range from CAD 1,800 to 6,000 depending on the materials and period worn. Most wonder how much is the average cost of Invisalign.


Learning the usual price for Invisalign shocks most patients. It costs more than braces. Typically, the average cost ranges from CAD 3,500 up to 8,000. Dr. Chan shares that most clinics still give a better and more exact quote. A number of factors affect how dentists align their patients’ teeth. Some require a few years of wearing aligners. Numbers tend to scare patients away however, dentists find a way to provide flexible payment schedules that patients afford. This way, they could lower the average cost of Invisalign for patients who face financial challenges. Some dental insurance companies include coverage for Invisalign just like braces. However, it’s best to check if your insurance provider covers Invisalign. Your dentist, Dr. Chan, explains that both the dentist and patient deliberate on which treatment best fits your needs. Your treatment depends on how you want the treatment to be. Make sure to think about the choice of treatment you’ll have. Consult your dentist now.

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