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A solution for severe gum recession is gum grafting. The process typically involves removing some tissue from the palate of the mouth, which can be quite painful. An alternative to this, that achieves the same results, is AlloDerm gum grafting in Toronto. The procedure is completely safe and leads to a realistic appearance. Here are some information you might need to know about AlloDerm gum grafting.  

How Is AlloDerm Gum Grafting Different?

AlloDerm is made from donated human skin tissue. All donors are tested for transmissible diseases donation before they give any tissue. The donated skin undergoes minimal processing to keep it as close as possible to natural tissue. Just the epidermis and cells that can lead to tissue rejection (and therefore graft failure) are removed. With AlloDerm gum grafting, there is no need to remove any of your living tissue. This eliminates an additional surgical site in your mouth and allows your dentist to repair all areas of the gums that are recessed in a single sitting. This reduces trips to the dentist, discomfort, and cost. It also means you only need to recover from surgery once.  

Why Is Gum Grafting Necessary?

Once your gums start to recede, they are unable to grow back on their own. This leads to the exposure of the root of the tooth, which can become worn-down or suffer abrasions. You will also notice that your teeth are more sensitive to temperature. Plus, you will have a higher risk of decay, which may result in cavities. In the worse cases, gum recession can lead to bone loss, which eventually causes tooth loss. When bone levels drop too low, it is no longer possible to receive sufficient gum grafting. Therefore, if your dentist recommends AlloDerm gum grafting, it is important to receive the surgery as soon as possible.

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