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Depending on how much of your gum has receded, your dentist may suggest doing one of two things. First, if the recession of gum is not too bad, the dentist may suggest you work on preventing further recession. Second, however, if the gum recession is large then the dentist will suggest you have a gum graft.  

Cost of gum graft

Alloderm gum graft cost varies on the size or number of teeth in which a gum graft is needed, however, a typical gum graft for one tooth or small area runs between $600.00 to $1200.00. With contouring it will cost more, running between $1,000-$3,000 per area.  

How is gum grafting done

Gum grafting typically takes tissue from the roof (or palate) of the mouth and places it where the graft is going to be done. The difference in the Alloderm gum graft is that the tissue is not removed from your palate but instead uses AlloDerm Regenerative Tissue Matrix. The regenerative tissue matrix is placed in the area where the graft will be done.  

Why have a gum graft?

A gum graft helps maintain your natural teeth and keeps your mouth healthy. When caught early a gum graft may only be needed on a small section or one tooth in order to save your tooth and keep it healthy.  

Prevention is best

Prevention is the best treatment and plan. Prevention starts with proper oral hygiene, brushing properly twice a day and flossing properly. This needs to be followed up with biannual visits to your Toronto Ontario Dentist for checkups and an annual cleaning which will remove any tartar or plaque that can cause bacteria growth or decay. Also, during a cleaning, the hygienist will be able to find any place where there is a pocket between the gum and tooth which can be an alert to gum disease that could lead to a gum graft.

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