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Toronto inside braces correct teeth problems from the inside. These allows patients to go around confidently without worrying about how the braces would look. Most know about traditional braces, dentists attach these in front of the teeth which everybody sees. Downtown Dentistry helps patients know about the different kinds of braces and this focuses about inside braces.


Inside braces consists of metal brackets attached inside the mouth, behind the teeth. Some refer to this as lingual braces as dentists attach it to the concave lingual surface. Toronto inside braces follows another orientation that matches the arch of the mouth. Dentists make sure to capture how the patient’s mouth is before molding any braces. This ensures the snug fit and comfort. It takes around six (6) weeks before the braces are made.


  • Dentists from Downtown Dentistry ensures that every set of inside braces fit their patients. Hence, making the patient feel comfortable during the entire period they wear the braces.
  • Procedure and placement takes less time unlike the traditional braces. Patients need not to go for more than one (1) appointment.
  • Use of Toronto inside braces removes the risk that nickel-alloy braces bring.
  • The use of these braces grants patients the chance to still engage with contact sports such as football.
  • Some patients play wind musical instruments. Using lingual braces lets patients continue playing.


  • Following a dental routine becomes extra-challenging. When patients brush their teeth, they encounter challenges in reaching the back of their teeth. Using inside braces makes it harder.
  • Some patients may face challenges in speaking as the braces may block the tongue from reaching the roof of the mouth.
  • Inside braces cost more than traditional braces.
  • Patients must avoid chewy and hard food as it may lodge in between the inside braces. Removing the lodged food extends the duration of treatment.
  Seek for professional opinion first before getting for yourself an inside braces to ensure you will completely benefit from this treatment.

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