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When your dentist decides to remove your tooth, it means all other treatment options are no longer feasible for your case. However, you don’t have to worry because he’s got your best interest in saving the rest of your teeth. He will also provide you with tooth extraction aftercare tips so you can quickly get back to your regular routine. 

There are a few reasons why dentists need to remove a tooth. 

  • Crowded teeth
  • Damage from injury or trauma
  • Gum disease
  • Severe tooth decay or infection

Depending on your case, healing after a tooth extraction normally takes up to 10 days. It’s crucial that you follow your dentist’s aftercare tips while you’re recovering to prevent any type of tooth extraction infection

Tooth extraction aftercare tips to speed up recovery

Apply cold compress

Applying an ice bag near the extraction site not only helps you manage the pain, it also prevents inflammation. Use thin clothing to pack the ice bag and do this for 10 minutes every two hours. You may continue to do this within three days to minimize swelling. 

Rest within 24 hours after tooth removal

Tooth extraction aftercare is basic yet most patients tend to overlook this. Never take for granted resting within 24 hours after the procedure. Your dentist may have already told you to take a day off after the procedure. Ask  someone to drive you home, and immediately rest thereafter. When you sleep, stack up more pillows to elevate your head because lying flat may delay your recovery. 

Stop smoking

Not only is smoking a bad habit, it also delays healing in your gums and prevents the blood in the extraction site to clot. A slight delay in your healing process makes you susceptible to tooth extraction infection

Take prescribed medication

After tooth removal, your dentist provides you a medical prescription for antibiotics and pain relievers. Follow his instructions on how many times you need to take medication on a daily basis. 

Visit your dentist for a post dental checkup

Apart from his tooth extraction aftercare instructions, you need to see your dentist again after seven days. He will visually check if your gums have completely healed and discuss your best options for restorative treatment. On the other hand, he will also design a treatment plan if you show signs of tooth extraction infection

Dentists understand that there’s nothing that can compensate once you lose a permanent tooth. They avoid having to perform a tooth extraction in Toronto, Ontario at all costs. They also need you to do your part in caring for your teeth, so you won’t have to go through this procedure at all. 

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