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Is your first dental checkup in Toronto making you nervous? It is common to be uneasy when you visit your dentist.  However, there is no need to worry. The dentist will explain everything you need to know and gladly answer your questions. 

Dental checkup in Toronto Guide Questions

1. Is it necessary for me to visit my dentist regularly?

Having a regular dental appointment is important because of the following reasons :

  • It can keep your gums free from gum diseases.
  • The dentist provides screening for oral cancer.
  • It keeps plaque, tartar, cavities and tooth decay at bay.
  • You will have an opportunity to know more about how you can take care of your oral health.

2. What can I expect during my visit?

During your dental checkup procedure, the dentist and the dental assistant will conduct the following steps to provide you with quality dental care.

  • Ask about your recent medical history.
  • Examining your mouth to know if you need dental X-rays
  • Inspection of gums if there are signs of gum disease
  • Evaluation of overall dental health
  • Conducting oral cancer screening

3. Should I eat before visiting the dentist?

You should not fast until your appointment since it will lower your energy level. Ensure to eat at least an hour before your dental visit. Are you thinking of what food to eat before visiting the dentist? Eat foods such as eggs, nuts, and fish. Their protein content will keep you satiated during your procedure.

4. What is the recommended frequency of dental visits?

Generally, dentists recommend that you visit for a check-up twice a year. Your Toronto dentist might recommend more frequent visits if you have an ongoing oral health issue. 

In need of dental care?

Schedule an appointment as soon as possible if it’s been a while since your last dental checkup. Maintaining a healthy mouth and free from plaque and tartar requires routine exams and cleanings. Call your Toronto dentist to schedule your next appointment. 


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