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dental crown is also referred to as dental caps which are used for restorative treatments. This replaces damaged, decayed and discoloured parts of your teeth. Its main purpose is to save your teeth and preserve its functions. This also strengthens your bite because crowns are made from durable elements. Materials used include composite resins, ceramic and porcelains that can be infused with stronger materials such as metals. Your Toronto dentist performs the dental crown procedure which involves trimming down your natural tooth. Its purpose is to hold your dental cap in place with the help of a special bonding agent. Here are the other amazing facts you need to know about dental caps or crowns.


If you’re considering for a dental cap, it is best to consult your prosthodontist about this procedure. You have to ensure that it is really what’s suited for your teeth’s need. Here are some important information you need to know prior to getting this treatment.


dental crown is reserved to fix badly decayed or severely discoloured teeth. Majority of the less serious cases can be fixed by your dentist using treatments such as fillings or veneers.


Dental caps are long term solution for your dental problems. This is because the crowns are made from strong materials such as porcelain, ceramic and composite resins. They usually last you for a period ranging from 20 -30 years, depending on how you take care of them. Keep in mind that teeth caps that are made from composite resins can stain. dental care by toronto dentists - downtown dentistry


The dental crown procedure would need durable materials to ensure that crowns are strong and functional. Porcelain is one of the preferred materials for dental caps because it effectively enhances the strength of your natural teeth. Most dentists recommend this to treat severe damage and teeth injury. Porcelain caps can also be infused with gold to provide more strength and durability.


In today’s advancement in dentistry, matching the colour of your dental crown to your natural teeth is achieved flawlessly. It is crafted by your orthodontist to be natural looking and aesthetically pleasing. The caps do not only match the colour but also the teeth shape. It is really hard to tell the difference of a dental cap from your natural teeth. Thanks to this advancement, restoring your teeth does not only enhance your smile but also your confidence.


Traditionally, the dental crown procedure takes several visits. The first visit will entail decay removal, teeth cleaning and shaping. Your dentist will also take impressions of your teeth for the shaping of the crowns. A temporary crown will be placed to ensure that you do not leave the clinic with a broken smile. On the second visit, your dentist will remove the temporary crown and fit the permanent one. Some adjustments may be necessary prior to finally cementing the crown to your natural teeth. Nowadays, many clinics have advanced digital machines that can take an impression via specialized cameras. This helps shorten the traditional steps in this treatment such as the manual taking of impressions from mouth trays. With the help of this technology, having dental caps can be done in one single visit. Check out if your dental clinic uses an advanced technology in making same day crowns. The tooth crown cost should be the least of your concern since this is the most affordable restorative option. See you dentist today to learn more about this treatment.

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