Your dentist probably has mentioned several treatment options including dental implants to you. He may have developed a custom dental care plan for you as well. Perhaps the most concerning fact to you is the dental implant cost that you may incur. You may have numerous other questions as well such as if your insurance will pay all or part of the treatment. If your insurance pays part of the associated cost, how much of the dental implant cost are you going to have to come up with? Here are some answers to your most basic questions.


How much will dental implants cost?

Implants can cost anywhere between $1000 and $4000. The price varies based on how extensive the procedure needs to be and the materials used in the process.


Will my insurance cover the dental implant cost?

Some insurance policies cover dental implant cost and some do not. Many policies will pay for a portion of the costs, but still leave you paying some out-of-pocket for the remaining balance. Each insurance policy is different so it’s important to find out exactly what costs are covered by your personal policy before discussing the option with a dental professional.


What happens with the dental implant cost not covered by insurance?

If you do not have an insurance policy that covers the cost of dental implants, or only covers part of the cost, there are some options available to you. Many dentists in Toronto have reasonable, affordable rates for their dental procedures. Many offer payment plans through which you can pay the remaining portions. Some dentists will require you to first make a down payment, others do not. Discuss the dental implant cost with your dentist and ask him what payment options he makes available to patients.



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