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Though some believe braces should not be placed until all adult teeth have come in, Dr. Chan firmly stands by her beliefs in the benefits of early intervention. Her beliefs have been confirmed in numerous cases throughout her career. Dr. Chan and her colleagues offer their expertise with braces and Invisalign at Downtown Dentistry in Toronto. Patients begin with what Dr. Chan and her associates refer to as the orthopedic phase, during which treatment will be focused on guiding jaw bone growth. The treatment typically starts when the front teeth come in, usually between the ages of 5 and 8. During this phase, a fixed or removable appliance is placed to create sufficient space for permanent teeth, align the upper and lower jaws, and to break bad habits. In some cases, this phase is used to expand the airway. There are many benefits of the orthopedic phase of treatment. During this phase, the teeth and jaw growth are guided in a favorable direction which can lead to a shorter, simpler treatment time during phase two, orthodontics. In some cases, the orthopedic phase has eliminated the need for phase two. The orthopedic phase also prepares the dental arches, reducing the need to remove permanent teeth to make space. This preparation also lessens the need for jaw surgery and reduces time spent wearing braces. Shorter treatment time for braces lowers the risk of developing dental caries or periodontal issues, and enhances self-image during the sensitive teenage years. Patients in Toronto looking for a more discreet treatment to straighten their smile will find just that with our Invisalign products. Dr. Chan is ready to help your children develop smiles. Schedule an orthodontic/orthopedic screening with Dr. Chan today. Your kids will thank you later!

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