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There are numerous dental clinics that advertise they serve families, including children. Some clinics focus on providing dental services for children, but that doesn’t mean they have a pediatric dentist on staff. A pediatric dentist in Toronto not only has a desire to work with children, they have specialized education in pediatric dentistry. Before taking a child to any dental clinic, check to see if they indeed have a pediatric dentist. There are some key factors that make a pediatric dentist the best for working with kids. Here are a few of them.

 Child-centered Atmosphere

Most dentists have toys in their waiting areas, but that alone doesn’t create an atmosphere designed to make children comfortable. Every area of the clinic should be designed with children in mind and making them feel comfortable. The areas should be child-safe meaning parents don’t have to keep an iron-hand grip on them constantly to ensure their safety while waiting. Waiting areas should have toys and books that are appealing to children.Exam rooms should have color schemes and other elements that are geared toward children’s tastes. Exam rooms should not be cluttered and dental chairs should be easy for kids to get in and out of. There should also be room for an accompanying parent.

 Smaller Sized Supplies

Children’s mouths are smaller than adults and pediatric dentists should try to use smaller equipment when it is possible. Digital x-ray sensors are less painful for children and less invasive, helping to avoid discomfort. If digital x-ray technology isn’t available, child-sized x-ray film should be used. Make sure any tools are designed for use with the smaller mouths of child patients so they are not unduly uncomfortable.

 Communicates Well with Children

The best pediatric dentists will be able to communicate with children on their level. They need to understand what is happening and how the dentist is helping them. Children can find visits to the dental clinic a bit intimidating with all the equipment and tools. Talking to children should help them feel more comfortable and a pediatric dentist should know how to do this.

 Individualize Care

Each child is different and a pediatric dentist should adjust their approach to match the personality and preferences of each child. For example, not every little girl likes princesses and all boys don’t like pirates. However, all children like being able to connect with adults who talk on their level and demonstrate a genuine interest in them. Children should feel that the dentist respects and cares for them before they will trust them. Good pediatric dentists understand this. They will be patient enough to take a little extra time to ensure each child feels like they can trust the professional.

It will take a little more time to make sure each child is comfortable and feels they can trust the pediatric dentist. Building a rapport and a relationship with child clientele is essential for making them feel comfortable and look forward to a return visit.

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