A dental crown is a type of smile restoration that fixes tooth disease, discoloration or fracture. Also known as a dental cap, it has a shape of a natural tooth to fully cover and restore its function. Crowns are permanently cemented on top of the treated tooth or implant in restoring the natural smile of the patient.

Traditionally, dental clinics complete the tooth crown restoration in two dental visits. On the first visit, the patient’s dental impression is taken using putty-like resin material. Next, the dentist creates the model of the patient’s tooth that needs a crown and sends it to the dental laboratory. The laboratory technician fabricates the crown in two weeks and sends it back to the clinic. Then, during the second visit, the dentist finally cements the tooth crown on the patient’s tooth permanently. 

The absence of modern equipment such as an intraoral 5D scanner delays in completing a simple dental treatment. Even a single-unit crown needs two weeks for completion. Aside from that, the patient has to wear a temporary crown to protect the tooth that needs treatment. Now, dentists are more efficient in giving dental treatments with the availability of iTero Element 5D scanning machine. 

Advantages of using 5D scanner for dental crown restoration

Today, dental crown restoration has never been easy, precise, and accurate. Access to advanced and modern equipment makes it more convenient for any dental practice. In restorative dentistry, dentists are investing to acquire equipment that enhances their chairside workflow such as the iTero Element 5D Scanner.   

Digital impression 

In a single-unit tooth crown, the dentist operates a handy intraoral 5D scanning piece to take digital impressions. This latest technology processes images within minutes and the digital model displays on the screen for the dentist to evaluate. Once he captures all details, the dentist sends the model of the dental crown to the milling machine. 

Scanning to milling 

The system workflow of iTero Element 5D scanning machine is integrated into milling machines to make same-day crowns. Once the images are in the system’s storage, this is transmitted to the milling machine that fabricates the crowns. This allows patients to save time and effort for a complete dental restoration. 


Since scanning and milling are done in the clinic, the crown is completed and placed on the tooth in one dental appointment. The patient comes out of the office with a restored smile. 

Take advantage of the iTero Element 5D scanner when you’re in need of a tooth crown in Toronto, Ontario




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